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NZ Functional Foods is more than a contract manufacturer. Working with our innovation partners in New Zealand and around the world, we can work with you to develop, match, test and certify a wide range of products.

These include oat milks and oat milk blends, fortifications, flavours, specific product characteristics, viscous products such as creams and smoothies, other plant-based milks and adding fruit and other pulps and particulates. We can also help you nuance your flavour profile or meet specific requirements for various international markets.

Our product development work can include desk research, ingredient sourcing, bench top development, pilot production and small-scale commercial production on our innovation line.

We can work to your NPD brief or help you to develop one.

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Innovation forms a key part of our sustainability framework, contributing to UN SDG Goal 9 - building resilient infrastructure, promote sustainable industry and foster innovation. We aim to foster an innovative, dynamic and diverse plant-based beverage sector.

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Research and Development

We have an in-house research and development team as well as relationships with plant-based beverage research and development experts in New Zealand and around the world. New Zealand is a renowned food processor and manufacturer and has an enviable food innovation eco-system, through the Food Innovation Network (Food Bowl, Food Pilot, Food South and Food South Otago), Otago and Massey Universities, Plant and Food Research and a range of private sector companies and consultants.

We can partner with your research and development team, support you to develop your own team, or help you get in touch with the right people to take your idea forward.


Innovation Line

Our innovation line allows you to run small commercial pilots and production runs in SIG cartons. This allows you to innovate and try new formulations, products and packaging without having to do a full scale production run.