Key Highlights

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New Zealand oat milk sales grew 230% in FMCG in 2021

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Oat milk is now 19% of the alternative milk category in the USA

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Oat milk’s market share has grown above soy and almond milk in Sweden, Germany and the UK

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USA oat milk sales grew 203% in 2020

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Oat Milk - the Global Market


Source: Nielsen, IRI.
Notes: Sweden Nielsen data as of week 28, 2021. U.K. IRI data as of July 17, 2021, Germany
Nielsen data as week 26 2021 and U.S. Nielsen data as of July 17, 2021.
1. Market shares by retail sales value, represent rolling four weeks period.
2. Year over year growth of 52-week periods.

US Plant-based Market


Note: the data presented in this graph is based on custom GFI and PBFA categories that were created by refining standard SPINS categories. Due to the custom nature of these categories, the presented data will not align with standard SPINS categories.

Source: SPINS Natural Enhanced Channel, SPINS Conventional Multi Outlet Channel (powered by IRI) 104 Weeks Ending 12-27-2020