Road and Rail

New Zealand Functional Foods has excellent roading network connections. Road transport provides a fast and flexible transport option and there are multiple providers.

Key locations such as Harraways (oat mill) and export ports (South Port and Port Otago) are relatively near the site and are easily serviced by road transport.

We have an onsite rail head and the nearby Invercargill Kiwirail container transfer yard for carrying products by rail to ports and domestic distribution hubs.


Shipping and Air

Shipping is a low cost and low emissions transport option connecting to export markets and domestic destinations. South Port and Port Otago are the closest ports, and Timaru and Lyttelton are only a train journey away. All provide shipping to other New Zealand and overseas ports that have onward services to ports around the world.

Invercargill airport is approximately 20 minutes drive from the site with frequent domestic flights connecting to international flights all over the world.


Third Party Logistics

We offer a storage, distribution and recall service. Please contact us us to discuss your requirements.